Product II

[6.6ft] Siliking USB 4 Compatible with Thunderbolt 4 Cable , USB C to USB C ,100W Charging ,40Gbps Data Transfer,8K@60Hz /2*4K@60Hz Video, Apply to Thunderbolt 3/4, Type-C, USB 4 Port Devices


  • [Three in one function]:This Usb 4 cable(Usb c to Usb c cable) is fully compatible with Thunderbolt 4 cable,it integrates fast charging, fast data transmission ,and ultra HD video display to meet the three functional requirements for users. small and exquisite, easy for users to carry around, plug and play, and meet the needs of users in different usage scenarios.Please note that the equipment interface used must have type c interface

  • [40Gbps fast data transmission]: this USB4 cable can support 40Gbps data transmission speed at most, and the actual transmission speed can reach 3000mMb /s at most, that is to complete 3GB file transmission per second. For example, you can transmit your favorite music, movies or photos in seconds. It is widely used for users with a large number of data file transmission, which improves work efficiency and saves time. At the same time, it can expand the running memory of the computer and connect external GPU to improve the running speed of the computer

  • [100W PD Fast charging]: It can charge laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other type C port electronic devices with a maximum of 100W PD fast charging. Note that the actual charging efficiency depends on the maximum power supported by the target device interface. this cable matches perfectly with computer equipment with a thunderbolt interface. For example, that can fully be charged the macbook pro(13 inches) in 2 hours. If your electronic device is a Huawei mobile phone that supports 66W fast charging, the actual charging efficiency of the cable is 66W and can be fully charged within 40 minutes.

  • [Ultra HD video display]: It can Supports 8K@60Hz/5K@60Hz and 2*4K@60Hz video display, If you are a sports fan or game lover, when you are not satisfied with the visual effects brought by your mobile phone or laptop, you can use this cable to transmit the video signal to a larger display ,you can get single 8k Ultra HD video visual can also get dual 4k Ultra HD video visual experience When two games are played at the same time,Please note that you must use two cables to connect two screens

  • [Universal Compatibility]: this USB 4 cable applies the Thunderbolt configuration standard, forward compatible with all functions of Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4, and backward compatible with all functions of USB-C 3.2, 3.1,3.0 and 2.0 USB, widely applicable to electronic devices with usb c interface, including charger interface, docking station, external hard disk,e-Gpu,etc.

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